WordPress the_content hook functions

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Are you looking for changing the default WordPress content? Or do you ant to add additional text or HTML before the content of after the content? then don’t worry we will help you to find out this. The Old bloggers and readers must aware about WordPress the_content() filter and today I am going to write this blog for the WordPress beginner and the user who requested this.

Many times we need to modify the main content or need to add any additional text/HTML at the beginning of the page or at the end of the page, then that time the_content() filter will help the the_content () is the filter which is used to add or replace the content.

The “the_content” filter is used to filter the content of the post after it is retrieved from the database and before it is printed to the screen.

The the_content() standard syntax is,

In the above syntax, ‘your_function_name’ is the function in which you have to put your additional output. Note that, this function is reverting what you have written in the function. So always append your output with the existing HTML otherwise existing content will be lost. your_function_name should be the unique function name. It cannot match any other function name already declared.


  1. If you want to add “Welcome to our website.” text at the beginning of the page and “Thank you for visiting us ” at the end of the page then you have to use below code.

Note that this function will return on all pages and post where the_content is called.

2)If you want to show in particular then you can add the condition which you have. The page ID can easily get from $post global variable so I will get used this.

Featured image

3) If your theme is not showing the featured image at the top of the page then you can use below code.

I hope you have got the idea  How To WordPress the_content(). If you have any queries or questions, Please write it in the below comment form or if you want to implement on your site then please contact us.



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