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Are you using WordPress sites for your business or blog? If yes then yes, You can start Email Marketing Business from that WordPress site or blog.

Most of the time we are using WordPress for sites but we can’t get the advantage of it. Even many blogs and site does not contain any email subscription block and sometimes they haven’t contact form and shows only contact information. We could not say that this method the wrong method but if we try to apply few changes then we can start Email Marketing Business and can start earning from it.

Email Marketing is one type of online business and it is a part of DIGITAL MARKETING.   You can start this business when you have more than 1 billion emails in your system. Using this email id you can reach your business or clients business with them. I hope, Now you have bit aware about Email Marketing Business and the main point is how to collect the huge emails to our system? Collecting Emails from the website is the tough job but if you have good traffic then it will be easy for you to collect the email address.

Email Subscription – Email Marketing Business

Email Subscription is one of the best solutions to collect the visitor’s emails id. To activate it you need to place subscription box at any place on the site. So when visitors subscribe to your site, your email collection will be increasing.

For Email subscription, you must have enough traffic on the site. You can collect emails from multiple sites. For this, you can use third parties subscription tools and could save emails from multiple sites.

MailChimp for WordPress


MailChimp is the best WordPress plugin which Subscribes your visitors to your MailChimp lists.

Jetpack by WordPress.com


JetPack plugin is one of the best useful and recommended plugin by WordPress. It is providing stats, related posts, search engine optimization, social sharing, protection, backups, speed, and email list management (Subscription).

WP Subscribe:

WP Subscribe is a WordPress subscription plugin which supports MailChimp, Aweber, and Feedburner.

Email Subscribers & Newsletters


Email Subscribers & Newsletters automatically notify subscribers about new blog posts once it gets published.

Email Auto Responder

You can use any autoresponder with the subscription plugin and you can find them here https://wordpress.org/plugins/tags/autoresponder

eBook Download – Email Marketing Business

eBook Download is one of the best methods to collect the emails from visitors. eBook Download means, visitors can feel their email and after submitting they could download ebooks. eBooks can be a PDF file or doc file or any type of file.


You can set comment on for the visitors where they can comment on your blog and you can save their email id anywhere can use it for Email Marketing Business

There are many ways to collect and store the visitor’s email ads into our system and then we can start the Email Marketing Business.  Our core team is doing research on this to improve more so when we have a more information about it, we will be updated here. I hope you had to get some basic idea about Email Marketing Business and how to collect the visitor’s email Id.  If you have any queries or questions then you can put them into the below comment. If you want to more about Email Marketing Business or you want to integrate this services on your site then please contact us




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