What is Affiliate Marketing? And Top Earning Affiliate Marketing Industries

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Affiliate Marketing is nothing but the oldest forms of marketing where you are referring to the online product. When the customer but this product or subscribe to any product site then you will get the commission. Commissions depend on the affiliate tools. It can be started from $1 to $10000.

In a simple way, Affiliate marketing is a marketing where you will get a commission for a product which is sold from your site whose owner is not you.

For example, Bluehost is one of the popular affiliate marketing tools. You need to register on the site. Once you complete the registration, you will an affiliate link. You just need to add that link on your site. When users click on the link and register on the Bluehost  and purchase any hosting plan or domain then you will get a commission.

Most of the affiliate commission is depend upon product selling but few tools are providing commission only after registration. I can give you an example for Themeforest . It is a big brand of themes and templates. when any user visit this site and register with it and then bought a theme of a template with the help of affiliate link then affiliate provider will get a commission only at the first time.

Now you have an idea about affiliate and its working from above content now I will provide you few affiliate tools from which you can earn. Google Adsense has taken retirement from the affiliate so do not go for the searching “Google Adsense Affiliate Product”.

Each affiliate tools having their own criteria on the basis of their products. Many ads affiliate tool are giving commission for registration only or few like zhakkas are providing lifetime commission when  user are registering from your affiliate links and generating revenue.

1.Hosting Affiliate Links.

Read more here about Globe host.

  • FlyWheel: Flywheel is WordPress hosting provider.You can host your own website here.

2. Ads Affiliate Links.

  • Bidvertiser: Bidvertiser is one of the oldest advertisement tools. it is paying lower than Google Adsense. It also providing affiliate program and ads for the site. It’s easy for activation than Google Adsense and it does not require traffic conditions.
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  • Infolinks: It’s providing multiple types of ads on the side and its revenue is good as compare to other.
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  • AdsOptimalAdsOptimal is mostly used for showing ads on mobile. Desktop ads also available. In the mobile ads, sometimes the landing page is redirecting to the ads so the maybe reader will not able to read the page.
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  • adNow: adNow is showing native ads on the site. when I was starting to write a blog then I have placed adnow on the ultimateblogger.net site.
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  • VigLink: Vglink is invisible ads which are placed in the form of text on the site.If you have added the text “iPhone” then it will add a Vglink add their affiliate link. Once a user purchases the product then you will get the commissions.
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  • ZhakkasZhakkas is an online marketplace where advertisers can sell their ads to publishers.
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3. Product / Shop Affiliate Links.

  • AmazonAmazon is globally well known online shopping site and it is available in many languages. You can pick up the product link and place it in link generate the page. Amazon also providing banners and widgets.
  • eBay: eBay is world’s most popular online shopping. eBay is proving facility to generate custom links from the dashboard.it is proving javascript code which needs to place in the <head> </head> tag and it will add automatic “rover.ebay.com/…” links.
  • Flipkart:  Flipkart is Indian popular online shopping site.It’s providing commission for installing mobile application also.

Install Flipkart mobile App.

4. WordPress Related Links.

  • ThemeForest:  I think there is no need to write about ThemeForest because ThemeForest is one the best selling WordPress theme, Plugins, and other templates. You will get maximum earning from it.
  • Magazine3: Magazine having all the top class blog theme.You will get an affiliate link for every theme.

Hope this blog is helpfull for you. Create an affiliate account now and start earning with them.





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