Increase Your Social Media Traffic

Increase Your Social Media Traffic
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Social media can help to increase traffic for your site.

If you can check your yearly stats for the site then you will realize that social media is not the best traffic source. Social media is important and very usefully as compared to the search engine. You had noticed that many bloggers are completing that social media is not useful to increase traffics on there site but I want to ask them how you are using social media for your site?

To help you to understand the better way,  here are few points which can help you to increase traffics on your site.

1. Share Content on Social Sites

Create all social fan pages, write daily content to your site and share them on the pages .

Can we share Content more than Once?

It’s difficult to give an answer Yes for this question because users are not interested what you are sharing but it can help to recall your content to them.

The users are  really not interested to read your whole content may be its depend upon your interesting content that what you are sharing. If its really interesting topic then Yes user will click on your new post and view content on the site.

You can reshare you content after one month.

Don’t share same messages twice to social media site and always try to use the same content in a different way. So, Users will interest to read it.

Yes, Always share your content on the social media sites after published on the site doesn’t matter when it was published. But at the list, you must have to share your content. The user will reach to your published post if really they are interested.

  • For WordPress site, you can use Tweet Old Post plugin to retweet the twitter’ old tweets.

2. Use Hashtags in Shared Post

You have seen that many people are using hashtags on twitter and facebook for their post.

So what is the hashtag?

The hashtag a social meta tag which used on social networks which make easier to the user to find out relevant content.

Using 1 or 2 hashtags per post content can help you to increase traffic so you must have to idea about Hashtags that which need to use in the post. For example here are few hashtags in the SEO,  #SEO, #digitalmarketing, #googleseo.


Your twitters Tweets with hashtags are mostly retweets, favorites, and replies by your followers. Most of the tweets with hashtags are retweeted and favorites.

3. Use Images in Post

Use images in the post and then share it on the social media platform. Because images are telling more than text. In a busy schedule, users are getting a board to read a whole paragraph. Instead of reading it they are referring to see an image.

4. Guest Post

Write a guest post on other popular blogs and sites and get more traffics from their website and from their social site pages.

5. Social commenting tool

Use social comment tools to share post content’s comment on the social media.

Here are the few Social commenting tools  Disqus or IntenseDebate.







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