How to Get Google Adsense Approval for older than 2 Months Domain

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Getting stuck to get Google Approval for the new domain?  Use my tricks to get approve Google Adsense for older than 2 Months.

Yes, It is possible for Indian domains and for the other country domain to get Google Adsense using useful tricks. My domain “” approved Google Adsense when it was only 2 months old. My another domain “” is 6-month-old but it was always disapproved by Google Even having more traffic than ultimate blogger.

Google AdSense always approve your request by manually review your site. If you have any things which are against to Google Policy then you will reject on the spot. So use below tips to approve Google Adsense.

First Ready Your Blog with Following tips Before Applying for Adsense:

Unique Content

Unique content is one of the highest policy of google AdSense. Never use copywriter contents on your site. I used  Plagiarisma to check the unique content.

High-Quality Content

What you are writing for visitors is the main fact of your blog. A high-quality content is identified with the blog. High-quality content should be decorated well. It helps easy to understand.

I rechecked all the content from my site and wrote in a simple way. I never refer to long content. I wrote what is beneficial.

Avoid Sneaky Mobile Redirections

If your using any third party plugin to redirect pages then avoid it before applying for Google AdSense.

Read More: Avoid Sneaky Redirections

Removed Other Ads

Removed other ads if you are using then on site. Google has no problem with them but ads can create issues for redirections on mobiles or popups.

Generate Policy Page

Generate policy page from here if you have not. Privacy & Policy, Terms, and conditions, and contact pages are important.

Check the layout for them

Under construction Banner

Never used under construction banners on the live site. Complete your all the pages and then apply for the Adsense. Never apply for AdSense if your pages are showing under construction banner or coming soon text.


Above are simple tips which I used on the  “” domain and my domain is approved by Google Adsense even it is 2 months old and from India.  My another domain is approved by using above tips.




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