How To Fetch Data From Database In AngularJs

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Are you looking for fetching data from database in the AngularJs? Today I will be explained the method with code and demo to fetching the data from database using AngularJs Filter.

In today’s example, I am using PHP and MySQL to fetch the data in the JSON format. I hope you are aware of PHP, MySQL, and JSON with AnjularJs. We are fetching data from PHP so you need to create the connection file.After doing the connection, display the data in the JSON format as like below. I am the biggest fan of the cricket so displaying the Top 10 Test Batsmen on 17 March 2017 ( Source: Wikipedia). I have displayed the data in the Top-10-batsman-2017.php file.




Now, we have to create a file where we can put the AngularJs code. I have created an fetch-batsmen-name.php file and added below code in it.




When you use $http.get method to fetch the records then you must have to use the below code always this code.


Download files

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Using above method, you can display the data from database using PHP. MySQL, and JSON and this data can fetch from AngularJs. If you have any queries or question then, please write it in the below comment section and if you want to implement this changes on your site then please contact us.



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