How to Create a Child Theme in WordPress

Wordpress Child Theme
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The child theme is required in the development if you are using a premium or free theme. When you need to do customization, you have to modify themes files.

Why we need to use a child theme?

The Child Theme is a theme where you can do any type of customization and when you update the parent theme, your changes will not be lost.

In a simple way, we can say that whenever we needed customization in the theme, Do them in the child theme as parent theme can update.

A child theme required a Parent Theme. You can get free themes from and premium themes from Themeforest. and at least two files i.e functions.php and style.css

  1. Copy the parent theme folder’s file which you need to modify or create a new folder under the theme folder.
  2. You can give any name to your child theme or to remember the parent theme, you can use parent theme name with child prefix name. e.g. my parent theme name is ultimateblogger and I want to create a new Child Theme. I can use ultimateblogger-child name any other name which I loved.
  3. Now next is to add parent theme’s scripts in the functions.php file. To create a new file in the php and give the name functions.php and add below code in it.

  1. Now the next file is an important, i.e style.css file. whatever CSS you needed, you can add it in the style.css.  Create a style.css file. Suppose you want to create a child theme for the ultimateblogger theme then you have to add Template Name in the style.css.

  2. Copy below code and paste in the style.css.

  1. Save style.css file.

Now your child theme is ready. go to the appearance folder and you will see new generated Child Theme. Activate it and enjoy the customization.


To avoid rework of our changes which can be lost from parent theme after its upgradation, we need to create a child theme with the help of the code.



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