How I Make Money from Hosting Affiliate Program

How-I-Make-Money-from-Hosting-Affiliate Program
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Every blogger having a wish to earn money from their blogs which are acceptable. when I was a beginner in the blogging, I was thinking when I will get my first earning from my blog. After searching and doing regular blogging I heard about online Affiliate Programs. I had joint various affiliate programs which were online and offline.

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After done with registration over there and writing many blogs on Ultimate blogger site, but due to low traffic, I was not getting earning from it. Then I started reading blogs on the hosting affiliate program. I was interested in hosting because I had an issue with my previous hosting company. Later on, I heard about Globehost company which is giving 500 INR (Indian Rs) per sign up. Then I had registered on it and uploaded Affiliate banners on the home page.

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After few days I got the 300+ clicks on that ads but no one signed up with my affiliate id. I was so upset about it and thinking that I’m doing something wrong. After 3 days I read many blogs and I understood how to write a blog on affiliate. I started my first Affiliate Hosting Program on Globehost and wrote only about its feature and facility then what’s happened?? Guess?? Yes, I got two clicks and earn 1000 INR ( Indian Rs)  and withdrawal immediately.

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So basically what I have done? This question might have come to your mind but honestly, I just wrote a blog and added affiliate links where I wrote a Globehost word. while reading the blogs on Ultimate Blogger,  Reader clicked on the links who were interested in hosting company. After they signed up, I earned. See Affiliate Blog here from where I had earned. India’s Cheap hosting – 

See the proof screenshot:

Globehost Affiliate Earning Proof 1
Globehost Affiliate Earning Proof 1


Globehost Affiliate Earning Proof 2
Globehost Affiliate Earning Proof 2

I hope you are doing with it and started earing.

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