Flipkart Affiliate Program in India

Flipkart Affiliate Program in India
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Are you really looking for a Flipkart Affiliate solution which helps you to show ads only in India or any particular Country? Today I will be explained how to show Flipkart Affiliate in India only Using WordPress. Many bloggers are writing a blog for several countries but they want to make money from affiliate market which basically belongs to the Indian Market. While searching for the solution our team was found the solution.

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If you are using WordPress then yes, You can show Flipkart, Amazon or any Indian affiliate ads only in India. Even You can use any county to show content/ads as per country.

Flipkart Affiliate in India

1) Requires Plugin:

  • You need to install Custom Content by Country (by iControlWP) WordPress plugin.
  • This plugin is used for displaying or hiding custom content based on visitors country/location.
  • After installation, this plugin goes to its Content By Country page and apply the setting as shown in the below screenshot.
Content By Country WordPress Plugin
Content By Country WordPress Plugin
  •  If you are using any cache plugin you must activate 

2) Flipkart Affiliate

  • Create a Flipkart affiliate account.
  • Get your affiliate link or WRID id from which tools you want to show add.
  • e.g replace your WRID id with below id only.

 3) Code generation

After all the settings, your code will be like this.

Use this code anywhere on the site and it will produce the output only when visitors country will be India.

Few shortcode examples related to the plugin.

  1. Multiple countries code:

  1. Amazon Affiliate Link:

[ CBC_AMAZON ] takes 2 parameters: ‘asin’ and ‘Country’. ASIN is simply the Amazon ASIN code for the product you’re promoting.

‘country’ can take ONE of the following:

  • us / global : links to Amazon.com
  • ca : links to Amazon.ca
  • uk / ie : links to Amazon.co.uk
  • fr : links to Amazon.fr
  • de : links to Amazon.de
  • it : links to Amazon.it
  • es : links to Amazon.es
  • jp : links to Amazon.co.jp
  • cn : links to Amazon.cn

If you do not specify a country, it detects the visitors country and if it’s not on the list, ‘global’ (i.e. Amazon.com) is assumed.

This method is not only for the Flipkart or Amazon, You can use to show any custom text, ads, and affiliate links in the above shortcode.

I hope you got the useful information for this blog and if you have any queries or suggestions please put them via comments. If you want to implement it on your site then please contact us and If you want to write a guest post with Us then please contact us.



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