Best way to get Free Traffic from Social Media Sites

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Hello Bloggers, I hope you are doing good with your blogs and you have good traffic. I would like to ask you a question about getting the Traffics.

How are you getting free Traffic? Please write your answers in the below comment.

I have started blogging in 2016 but not getting as much traffic which I was expecting. I had tried many ways to get it but not succeed. Then I heard somewhere about social media traffic and Canva site. Canva is one of the best image creation (royalty free images) site. You get free and paid images.

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Using Canva and social media, I am getting free Traffics and today I will let you know how I achieved this.

You can use your regular post link to share on the social media or you can create your own images for services which you are providing. E.g. Guest Post, Share post, buy a cup of coffee (see the images.)

Please check the Instagram account for images.


I’m going to writing here in short. I hope you will read the article on Canva after this post.
In Canva you will get images with size for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Google Plus. Create all the required images. Canva is providing free and paid images so please select free if you want to use free images.

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Canva is providing mobile apps also, you can download and create images on mobile also.


1) Facebook:

Create a post that you want and add # before to your best text. Please check the screenshot so you will get an idea.



2) Google Plus:

First, join other open community which is similar to your topic. You can search in a search filter by adding #.

Here are our few Google plus Community Links: Ultimate BloggerUltimate Blogger’s Discussion, Ultimate Blogger: Affiliate Programs, and Ultimate Blogger: Email Marketing.

My best topics are Affiliate Program, Guest Post, WordPress, and Email marketing. So I’m selecting topics which belong to this topic. You can select your favorite topic and upload your image and text.

3) Twitter

For the Twitter, you need to follow people which belong to your same category then publish the same post with the hashtag.

4) Instagram:

Instagram is the best way to get a traffic but make sure that your account is public and you make your account business. Do same the process here with the hashtag.  You will get the fastest result than other social media sites.

NOTE: If your account is public then many people can search you with # (Hashtag).

This is the best way to get a free traffic using Canva and social media.  You can use any tool to create images but make sure that you will create them in proper resolution. To get the best result, you need to activate on social media. Have to take follow on each day and be available to give a response.

If you are following the same method then please do let us know and if you are doing another method then please do let us know so I will write an article on it and then we will help to another blogger.

Get Free Traffic from Social Media Sites
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Get Free Traffic from Social Media Sites
Best way to get Free Traffic from Social Media sites. You can get the free traffic using Affiliate Programs, Guest Post, WordPress, and Email marketing.
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