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Hello friend’s, Every blogger wants to increase traffic on the site when they at startup level even I’m also at startup level and trying to increase traffic on a mine site.

To  increase traffic on your site you could use follow tips.

1. Add SEO Plugin For Blog

  • For the WordPress site, SEO plugin playing an important role and I will recommend you to use Yoast Plugin.
  • Currently, Yoast is popular in the market and its result is good as compared to other plugins.
  • Make sure that you have added keywords, Title , Meta description ,Indexing, etc to each post and pages.

2. Social Media

  • Nowadays people are connected virtually by social media then let’s take an advantage of it so always use a social media platform to share your content.
  • Create an account on all social media and use them as a marketing strategy.

3. Better Theme

  •  Better Design
    •  Site design and layout will create a unique  standardness. So always try to use a premium theme for better design.
  • Speed Optimization
    • Decrease page load time of a site so the site will load in minimum time and user will be happy.
    • Use Image optimization plugin to reduce the resolution like Wp Smush it Plugin.
  • Responsive theme.
    •   Generally, most of user / readers are reading blog from mobile devices so use a better theme which is set in above criteria.

4. Related Post

  • Use related post plugin to show related post. It will create interest in user to view more posts than current post.

5. Subscribe to Blog post

  •  Use subscription blog plugin to subscribe the readers and  let them know that you have created a post.

6. Allow Guest Post

  •  Allow guest post to your blog and let  them share their thought on your blog.
  • See Guest Post

7. Allow comments and subscribe to comment

  • Allow the readers to write a comment for your blog and try to do a quick response to it.
  • Also allow subscribe to comment so the reader will get more chance to spend time on your site.

8. Blog content / Update Blog

  •  Try to add blog constantly for the reader and always edit the old blog.

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