WordPress Blog Post Page Order By Modified Date


Are you looking for a solution to change the blog post order by its modified date? Here I’m sure you will get the proper solution. Many times blog having a home page with the latest blog which is ordering by their published date.

You have to modify few of them and want to show them on the homepage then using below code all the modified blog post will be appearing first. In below image, you can conclude that all the latest modified blog post are appearing first thank last modified date.

WordPress Blog Post By Modified Date

WordPress Blog Post By Modified Date

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Below is the best solution to change the blog post by modified date. If your home page containing blog post then it will be working fine as working on our site. Many times you have many blogs on your site and after few days you have one modified post which is very popular and having good earning then you can use below filter to show latest modified post on the top.

Copy above code and paste it into your theme’s function.php code to any custom plugin that you have been made.

In above filter we are using this attribute in the array ” ‘orderby’ =>’modified’ ” which will show your blog post by modified order. You can make the changed in this filter as per your requirement.